Brexit! Health and Safety stuff so what happens now guys?

11.06.2018 in Construction

We’re all doomed??

Well lets face it this subject truly divided a nation, families who would not usually discuss any sort of politics all of a sudden were experts arguing over the dinner table.

Well a few years ago I was one of those people who thought hmmm Health & Safety that job is so rock and roll, I think I will get a qualification in this exciting subject. The lecturer that we had he had a genuine interest and a passion for this subject. I swear to you he spent a good 25 minutes out of the day to tell us how when he was an independent H&S officer he “saved a lady from headaches at work!”

That's right he saved her, turns out she worked with solvents and the rags that they used were just thrown into a bin and he advised them to get a bin with a lid! (not all heroes wear capes folks).

Ok now he explained many years before this whole Brexit issue and when we were all europeans, that in the beginning Europe came to the UK and asked “could we use your Health and safety at work acts please?” and of course and the ever helpful British government said “NO get your own it's mine, and you can’t have our football game either give it back!”

So the ever resourceful collective took our laws (acts of parliament) and reworded a few things and did a bit of tinkering… you were rewriting a bit of school work you copied from your mate. They then said to England “well these are our laws that everybody must follow to be part of our gang”.

Of course you know what happened next…….But in England there was no real major changes to the way we did things, you see he explained it as. We are governed by our laws of the land but think of the EU stuff as an umbrella (a framework) and everybody in the gang are being protected by that as well.

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, and depending on the terms of any future agreements there may be a need to review the framework.

-Louise Ward, director of policy and standards at the British Safety Council.

So common sense right?

British businesses are not going to become the wild west any time soon; a lot of people say Health and safety is just common sense and it is I suppose. Try this it’s called the “CARE” approach





Just fill in your risk assessments and your permits to work, follow the rules and things will eventually work out. It might seem uncertain but trust me life will go on and eventually England will have forgotten this whole Brexit buzzword, any changes will be very very carefully considered and only be implemented if it is found to help the British way of life.

Of course we will be keeping a close eye on what is happening in the news and media and keep you posted…..Well for our members of course.

**update this piece was written nearly a year ago and it seemed like things would all work out eventually**..........

Well what a difference a year makes, huh well that saying is clearly incorrect the sorry state of affairs continues to baffle and enrage the country no matter what side of the camp you are. If you wanted to stay in you at least wanted to do it democratically some are feeling let down by the powers that be, with the underhand usage of in fighting to delay article article 50. If you are a Brexiteer you feel equally enraged at the ability of the government to avoid carrying out the people's will.

Now Mrs Tm has got to go on her hands and knees to Brussels again with.....A letter from parliament saying basically "Sorry everyone look we will take it seriously now, we know we can't prolong it any longer we will be good and actually try to talk to each other".

You have to ask yourself what's the point? The EU has made it perfectly clear their stance is tough, we want your money now but not you!

We will just make it as tough as possible for you, and you lack the will to do anything about it. Maybe if Mrs Tm had spent less time as a child running away from her problems in the wheat fields she would have been able to stand up the the bullies who want to steal her lunch money. Well the slow saga rumbles on and we are all waiting for the day its over and we can crack on like we Brits do best.

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