Metal cutting saws and Deburring tools

26.03.2019 in Construction

Every tradesmans tool kit should have one of these!

Rip saws and deburring tools

We've all had that bolt or thread that's damaged or mushroomed on the end and can't remove the nut. This is why we need this tool in all our toolboxes! Simply put the deburring tool in your drill, put it over the end of the damaged bolt. Apply a small amount of pressure while drilling and that's it, the damaged end will be as good as new and that nut will spin straight on or off.

I had one of these when they first came out on the market and i am ashamed to say i paid over £50 for it. These things are now available for a fraction of that price and im sure every tradesman will have a use for it.

Do you use threaded bar in your trade?

Everyone from electricians, plumbers, a/c engineers, dryliners, ducters, sprinkler fitters and many more use threaded rod in their trades every day so its ideal for so many.

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