10 reasons why Search a Subby will work for you!

10.04.2019 in Construction


10 Reasons

Every subcontractor should join Search a subby

1. Find subcontractors in any trade or location in the UK

  • Find subcontractors in any trade or location!
  • Find Companies and main contractors in any trade or location!
  • Advertise yourself or your company on www.searchasubby.com and be seen by the actual people looking!
  • Expand your Business and take on larger jobs!
  • Useful resources to help all subcontractor and businesses run more efficiently!
  • Most cost effective Website of its kind!
  • Get your subscription paid for and earn cash!
  • Find work closer to home and have more family time!
  • Peace of mind!

Gone are the days we have to rely on calling a friend to ask if they know an electrician or plumber for some work you have coming up. The traditional methods used to find labour like calling a friend or asking around on sites is becoming dated and unreliable. We have a more efficient way to find these tradesmen with our online subcontractor and contractor database.

So you need a tradesman to do a job for you 300 miles away from where you live, usually you would send somebody you already know and the chances are they live local to you so you would have to pay their travel expenses and possibly lodging costs too. These costs can soon escalate and eat into your profits sometimes making the job not worthwhile or even worse losing out on that job altogether because a local subcontractor can undercut your price.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 30p-75p/mile or even higher to a subcontractor to travel to site to carry out your work. The average cost for a hotel room is £100-£150/night

Let's say you're quoting for 2 subbies to attend a site 200 miles away for 3 days work.

Traditional method of using subbies you already know,

400 miles @ 50p/mile = £200, 2 x hotel rooms @ £100/night for 2 nights = £400, 2 x electricians for 3 days = £200/day each = £1200


Using www.searchasubby.com

Find subbies local to the job at the same £200/day making a total of £1200

Making a saving of £600 IN 3 DAYS! That works out to be a huge saving each year and can be profit in your pocket.

That’s a lot of money to waste in this way that could be going towards more profits for you, also you are less likely to lose work due to high expenses. Winner winner all round! Subby sign up here

2. Find Companies and main contractors in any trade or location!

Finding more work when you’re a self employed subcontractor can be difficult, other than literally calling round all potential customers and making yourself known there isn’t very many other ways of getting yourself noticed.

Using search a subby you can search for any company in any location and put yourself forward, you can use our message centre and directly contact them offering your services for any future works they may have.

Companies have the ability to add jobs and upcoming contracts all our subbies to browse and offer their services.

For example, If a company has contract coming up that requires 2 electricians and 3 air-conditioning engineers in Manchester starting in 3 months, they can upload this job with any requirements they might have like qualifications, whether they need a CSCS card, IPAF certificate etc etc. This not only saves the company time in searching for labour but also ensures they find the right tradesman.

I’ve seen so many subbies being refused on site because they don’t have the right card or qualification, I always think of the money wasted. Find out more here

3. Advertise yourself or your company on www.searchasubby.com and be seen by the actual people looking!

So you're wondering how to advertise you or your company

Whether you’re a self employed tradesman or have a good sized company our website is the perfect advertising tool to get noticed. It can be another hard decision you have to make when running your own business, social media advertising can be very costly with little results, this is sometimes because as the name suggests its social media and many social media users don’t want to see adverts on their news feed.

Printed material can also be very expansive with very little results, with leaflets often having a conversion rate of 1.1000 leaflets resulting in a lead or sale.

Anyone using our website is there for 1 reason and that’s work related!

If you are a plumber from Birmingham and somebody views your profile then it is very likely they are looking for a plumber in Birmingham, meaning you not getting pointless views of your business by people who have zero interest in a plumber from Birmingham. Fancy signing up?

4. Grow your business and take on larger jobs!

Whether you’re a subcontractor or a company we would all like to take on bigger jobs and expand our business, after all that’s why we choose to work for ourselves!

Well now you can using our online database of subcontractors and companies to fulfil any jobs you have in any location in the UK.

So you have the opportunity to land a large contract to supply a service (electrical, plumbing, hvac etc) to a chain of shops around the UK. How can you small companies ever compete with the larger ones to win these contracts?

It's easy! Sign up to Search a Subby and start to benefit from our online network of local subcontractors and companies in all trades and industries from all over the country.

If you need a network of electricians nationwide for the odd days here and there to fulfil your contracts then our site will work for you! See how with this link.

5. Useful resources to help all subcontractor and businesses run more efficiently!

Our info centre offers useful resources to help all business and subcontractors run more smoothly and be more cost effective, with constantly updated tips, reviews and products in all aspects of our industries you have no need to go elsewhere. Whether you’re a company looking for vehicle leasing, a subcontractor looking for a specific tool or your self employed and need tax advice we aim to have it all here.

Our goal is to provide you with wholesalers and suppliers for all trades and industries. Discounts, tips and reviews on tools, equipment and much more to help your day to day running of your business.

Check out our info centre.

6. Most cost effective website of its kind!

Our customers know they are getting excellent value for money when they see how much we offer for our extremely low monthly costs. This is just confirmed when they see the prices of other sites offering similar services.

Other website offering similar services are priced anywhere from £35/month to £100/month.

These include sites that will check a trade, they will rate people and also find trusted traders. The prices vary from a monthly cost and having to also pay for credits to pay for possible work leads, they seem very complicated to use and you may not even get the job you bid for.

www.searchasubby.com has a flat rate of £9/month for subcontractors and £10/month for companies making it very cost effective, it’s a no brainer!

For less than a takeaway coffee a week you can start enjoying all the benefits we offer and start to find work, find subbies and find resources.

1 days work from SEARCH A SUBBY will easily pay for 1 year’s subscription so get on board now here.

7. Get your subscription paid for and earn cash back!

Every single one of our subscribers can request their very own unique discount code, by sharing and recommending SEARCHASUBBY to friends, work colleagues and social media they will receive cash back every time that code is used. This could very easily pay for your subscription and even enhance your earnings. We have no maximum so feel free to go crazy and tell everyone, the more the merrier! Sign up and find out more!

8. Find work closer to home and have more family time!

Find work that suits you and your needs instead of having to take that job because it’s the only one on offer.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘we work to live and not live to work’ although being a subcontractor and finding work can be hard, we travel the length and breadth of the country living away from home staying in hotels all week, we return home on a Friday tired from the week to wash our clothes, recharge and head straight back off on Monday to repeat the cycle.

Well stop that right now and sign up to SEARCH A SUBBY and start to have a more work life balance.

Our online network of subcontractor, companies and job posts enable our tradesman to be more in control of the work they take on, browse the job posts regularly to find work more local to you, spend that extra time with family and friends.

Research shows that if balance our work and personal life we are much happier in both so get on board and sign up.

9. Peace of mind!

Gone are the days you have to rely on word of mouth to find work or to find labour to cover your work needs.

Search a subby offers our customers a new platform in which to find more work and advertise their services.

Once subscribed our users can go to work each day knowing our website is working for them to showcase their skills to anybody needing their services. They can find more work, look for any subcontractor in any trade and location and also find any useful resources to aid their day to day working life.

Sign up here.


Our website offers all our users the best value for money, with a variety of ways we can help your business for the low cost its a no brainer for all.

With a MAXIMUM price of £10/month or approx 4 takeaway coffees a month why wouldn’t you give our site a go.




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