Marvellous mixers (Power tools)

06.04.2019 in Construction

Mixed up about mixers?

Ok lets start with an apology for that terrible pun...Sorry.

The choice of mixers out there will have something for everyone you might choose your power tools by the "Time served approach" this means you have the site radio/drill/impact driver, you are confident in the quality and happy to pay for that name brand, I must confess to being that person with the set from Dewalt and in 16 years I had no issues with any products. The choice now though could see you looking at a "non name brand" and wondering will it be worth the risk?

Ok there is no point in a spec heavy look at all mixers because let's face it nobody cares that much do they really?

So I will look quickly showing the low priced with a good wattage output, top price high end professional with fancy design and a couple of name brands for your pleasure.

And as always follow the links to buy or have a look and compare for yourself, the amount to choose from is fantastic.

Mixing drills

The Evolution Power Tools Twister Variable Speed Mixer (230 V) with 1100W of power

This is an Amazon's choice well liked and reviewed mixer.

with a mains plug (for the non site user) this powerful mixer will not struggle to do the job and at a price of £84 with free delivery this tool is an excellent bargain.

The Collomix xo55 duo + MKD 140 HexaFix 1450 watt 110V Mixer

So the high end, these mixers are top notch well thought out and engineered pieces of kit. You can buy a stand so if you are mixing a very large gauge of either flooring compound / plaster or even concrete these mixers will save your back....(Well the young person complaining on social media about the site banter hurting their feelings) check out their promotional video they have uploaded to youtube.

The onsite game of tool top trumps just got interesting.

(video credit to Collomix GmbH)

So the price you may wonder and you also think how the hell do you clean that? Well let's start with the good news first shall we? The product comes with free shipping! and an awesome range of extra products that you can purchase to impress the gang onsite, my favourite is the "special cleaning bucket"....that appears to be a lid on a bucket. Collomix has lots of whisk/paddle attachments for so many different materials/liquids. And now the downside.....I'm afraid the mixing stand is extra and the cleaning "bucket" costs £100 but hey when has German quality engineering ever been cheap? They do other models of mixing drills that are cheaper but I was just illustrating some choice for you.

Makita UT1401 or 400 either 110v or 240v

Both mixer models have the same wattage outputs so the 110v both are 1050w and the 240v are both 1300w, the only real difference is gear ratio affecting maximum speed so the 401 model has a 2 speed gearbox Makita say that the 2 speed box enables the mixer to cope with heavier compounds (concreet)

The prices vary depending on...

your choice of model 400/401 and 110v/240v.

400 models = £178 to £235

401 models = £250 to £254

well duh 401 model is more expensive due to the second gearing.....Well that makes sense 2 gears = more expensive.

So now let me throw this idea at you..........

How many times have you been on a job and there is the standard bank of 110v with extension cables running across the building and the Health and Safety "person" with their shiny hat and clean boots is complaining about the cables on the floor because it's a trip hazard, or there is that **** that just unplugs anybody's stuff because they assume they are more important than you? (Insert the trade you hate here).

Or you are in a customers house and you have to unravel the cable from reel that has fallen off of the side and somehow got more tangled than space time itself (A string theory physics joke).

Just think how easy would a battery powered beast be?

Selling points....Its brushless technology so this less likely to break through wear and tear (I replaced the brushes in my Dewalt after about 5 years of work) and cleaned all the dust and rubbish out of it too. it's just as powerful as corded because its Lithium Ion (that's like some Star wars stuff) and if you are worried about using a battery just think how many times do you actually put a mix on a day? Bang it on charge at night or use the spare.....I'm sold, so what do you think?

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