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04.04.2019 in Construction

Plasterers lets see a quick show of hands who has used the square paddle mixers for a large gauge (mix)?

You see years ago we never had the flexi buckets did we? It was the solid plastic ones that you needed your “Tea boy” to wash out straight away before it set and you had to take it from their wages, these small buckets were mixed relatively quickly with a whisk style mixer.

well now the large buckets (40L to 60L) will hold a bag and a half to two and a half of skim pretty comfortably .......And you can wait for it to dry, turn it upside down and boom the plaster is out!

Thus saving the wages of “was a tea boy but now is an irritation that looks at their phone all day”.

Now I find there is an issue

.….All proper geared mixers are M14 thread double handled very powerful robust and made for the job these mixers won't burn out when mixing some board adhesive (Click pic to buy)

(read our marvelous mixers blog to find the best deals) …...You can not find a box style paddle mixer without being made of hex bar or smooth bar so no M14 thread available !!

Unfortunately and the whisk style ones (as above, I have used a few over the years) and it takes ages to mix the skim……Time is money !

The square ones take half the time !! I know this because I used to have this Dewalt drill style mixer you see it has a chuck rather than M14 thread so I used the box paddle

(Click pic to buy)

Well now they have the new model of absolute power DEWALT DCD240X2-GB XR Flexvolt Brushless Paddle Mixer, 54V

(Click to pic buy)

Yes its M14 but wow, it will turn the world if you put it in the ground and its a battery powered 54V mixer.

when I was on a large job with my mate I could have stuck half my wall on by the time he had finished mixing his properly I'm sure the new Dewalt has the power but again we need another option rather than M14 whisks …..You may ask why don’t I still have that mixer? well because some little ****##@@#** decided to break into my van one night and steal my mixer and radio, I had to buy a cheap one later that day and well it's still working but not mixing like my old faithful Dewalt one. So I have been digging around the dark corners of the internet and found

A "Rubi RubiMix Adaptor Chuck 71967”

This bit of kit screws in and you can pop the chuck on the other end.

I’m so happy/excited I actually can’t wait to get to work ! (The last sentence was for comedic effect, nobody should be happy or excited for work).

Oh just quickly do you find you are getting through flexi buckets more often they tear at the handles? I realised the cheap ones found at DIY stores may seem a bargain at £2-3 but they just don’t last anywhere near as well as the original and best Gorilla buckets, these have the reinforced plastic piping around the top of the bucket and last for months whereas these cheap ones split and crack at the first sign of action. Buy the best save some money! (Click pic to buy)

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