WiredAv partners with Search a Subby

30.04.2019 in Electrician

We are proud to announce that we've partnered with Wired AV - An audio visual and technical services company that serve the UK.

WiredAV have many years of experience in the wide ranging and fast changing world of AV.

These years of experience gave rise to WiredAV LTD. A company born out of the knowledge and positive attitude gained from the past 20 years installing AV in nightclubs and bars, residential properties and corporate premises; even houses of worship, schools, hospitals and theme parks. As well as installing AV, WiredAV have been involved in live events, gigs, festivals and touring since 1998. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that all aspects of any job has probably been experienced by one of our team somewhere along the line. You can rest assured that with WiredAV, you are in safe hands.

Founded by David Courtney and fortified by a strong team of technicians with a varied skill set ranging through IT, educational installations, corporate installations, as well as pro audio and lighting. Wired AV are well placed to handle your AV installation or provide technical resources to assist in any industry related project.

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