About us

Search a Subby started with the aim of helping the self employed industry to work more efficiently, more profitable and to take the stress out of sub-contracting.

Working as both employees for large organisations and as the sub-contractor ourselves we have gained the experience and knowledge needed to make this a success for all our members. Based in Mansfield in the midlands and working from a small home office we have gone from just an idea between friends to getting this website started and online with the drive to make this a success for all your benefit.

Its pretty obvious to all subbies in almost every industry that alot of time and money is wasted trying to find work, find labour to carry out your work, workers having the incorrect certificates and workers travelling the length and breadth of the country carrying out work that someone local could carry out (if you could find them somehow).

Our aim is to provide the biggest online network of companies and sub-contractors in every industry with the ability to check users credentials before you make contact.

Plus great resources to help you run your business
Our benefits to you

Search a subby has plenty to offer! Whether you're a subcontractor looking for work or a company looking for someone to get the job done, Search a subby can help!

Welcome to SearchaSubby.com!

SearchaSubby is a network of Companies and Subbies aimed at connecting subcontractors with the companies that use them.

Our search by trade, qualification and location tool enables you to easily connect with the right person for the job saving you time and money.

Using Search a subby could help you to grow your business, take on more and bigger clients or contracts and take the everyday stress out of subcontracting.

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