How it works

Search a Subby is here to take the stress out of subcontracting. Whether you’re self-employed, looking to expand your network of clients or a multinational company wanting to cut back on wasted time then we’ve got the system to enable you to easily find the right worker with the right skills.

If you want a Plumber or Electrician located in Devon with a CSCS card then search for it!!

Its that simple!

01 Create your profile

Create your profile with as much detail as possible and showcase your skills, qualifications and accreditations.

Access a host of new subcontracting opportunities by advertising yourself to our growing network of potential new clients.

Companies can post jobs and contracts for the subbies contact them about.

02 Find and apply for jobs

Whether you’re a small business or a national company, you can post, upcoming jobs and contracts for subbies to enquire for.

Simply create your job/contract listing and let other users apply, making easy work of finding the right subcontractor for the job.

03 Find work, connect and advertise yourself

Use the message centre in your account to contact companies regarding the jobs you are interested in.

Search for subbies to fulfil your national contracts and save money on travel expenses.

The benefits

One Days work gained from using Search a Subby will easily pay for a whole years subscription making it a super cost effective way to enhance your business, along with advertising your business to all our other users in all industries we provide all the necessary tools to make your work life less stressful.

For Subcontractors...

Find jobs by location and type of work

Target work that fits your skills

Advertise your services

Access business resources and advice

 From £9 paying monthly (£108/year)

 Or £84 paying yearly (saving £24)

Work for you? Sign up!
For Companies…

List your upcoming jobs and contracts

Receive subcontractor applications for your jobs

Advertise your business

Access business resources and advice

 From £10 paying monthly (£120/year)

 Or £96 paying yearly (saving £24)

Plus great resources to help you run your business
Welcome to!

SearchaSubby is a network of Companies and Subbies aimed at connecting subcontractors with the companies that use them.

Our search by trade, qualification and location tool enables you to easily connect with the right person for the job saving you time and money.

Using Search a subby could help you to grow your business, take on more and bigger clients or contracts and take the everyday stress out of subcontracting.

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- Admin Team