The Reasons for subbies/self employed

  • Advertise yourself to a growing network of potential clients!...That's got to be worth i!
  • Find a more local client base and stop working away from home!….More home/family time!
  • Take on bigger contracts and find the labour you need right here!.....Grow and expand!
  • Offer nationwide service for your small business and grow using subbies from our site to carry out your tasks!…..You're going to grow!
  • Check out our review pages for product and services reviews and tips specific to your trade!…..let us review things for you!
  • Check out the Jobs and contracts posted by other business's and present your interest to them!….That job could be yours!
For Subcontractors...

Find jobs by location and type of work

Target work that fits your skills

Advertise your services

Access business resources and advice

 From £9 paying monthly (£108/year)

 Or £84 paying yearly (saving £24)

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For Companies…

List your upcoming jobs and contracts

Receive subcontractor applications for your jobs

Advertise your business

Access business resources and advice

 From £10 paying monthly (£120/year)

 Or £96 paying yearly (saving £24)

The reasons Searchasubby will help your company.
  • Advertise your company to a growing network of clients!...Always a winner!
  • Stop paying £1000’s/week on subbies expenses when you can find more local ones!...A lot more profit for you!
  • Check subbies credentials before using them, don't send them to sites just to be turned away because they don't have CSCS or not insured for enough!…...That's such a waste, check all that info here first!
  • Post any employment positions your company may have!…...its hard to fill a position with the right person!
Plus great resources to help you run your business
Welcome to!

SearchaSubby is a network of Companies and Subbies aimed at connecting subcontractors with the companies that use them.

Our search by trade, qualification and location tool enables you to easily connect with the right person for the job saving you time and money.

Using Search a subby could help you to grow your business, take on more and bigger clients or contracts and take the everyday stress out of subcontracting.

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